what is self love

What Is Self Love?

What is self love? Self-love is perhaps one of the most simple yet misunderstood concepts in the world today. Some see it as a new age ideology that cannot be put into practice. but that’s not true.

Self-love is the best way to raise your self-esteem and become a fully healed and integrated person. People often go back. They focus on qualities such as how a confident person walks or adheres to their qualities. But basically, all radical changes start from within. Then you begin to truly value yourself as a powerful creator of your own reality and worthy of everyone’s love and respect. Self-love is the opposite of selfishness. You can’t love another person unconditionally if you don’t love yourself first.

Self-love is not engaging in destructive behavior patterns and turning a blind eye. It has nothing to do with arrogance or narcissism, it has to do with being a complete individual. Your life becomes much easier when you can practice self-love.

That’s because you don’t put yourself in too much harm’s way, which everyone does with the belief that they’re not worth it. Your life will also be more stable because you will no longer depend on others to make it happen.

Your emotions and reactions won’t be capricious, and you’ll actually be detached (but not indifferent) to many things going on in the world. Love is the cornerstone of the entire universe. People are born to loving parents and die (ideally) with those they love. They live and die only for love. In the words of Gautama Buddha:

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you love, how gently you live, and how gracefully you let go of what is not yours.”

Your ability to love yourself and others is what really matters. How to get there is another matter entirely. To do this, you need to find out who you are and love yourself unconditionally.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learnt what is self love.

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