How to practice self love

How To Practice Self Love

If you want to build self-love, the first thing you need to do is cleanse yourself. The reality is that most people have adopted many wild and irrational beliefs, values ​​and attitudes that are not true. They can do a lot of damage. Learn how to practice self love today.


You have to clear each level to love yourself fully. Cleansing may sound like a drastic step, but it’s definitely worth it so you can see yourself more clearly.

Cleansing usually includes:

1.           Fasting or dietary restriction.

2.           Information restriction.

3.           A natural environment.

4.           Meditation.

5.           Prayer.

6.           Yoga and/or exercise.

7.           Reading uplifting material.

8.           Silence.

You can do any combination of the above if you want. At least 3 days and 3 weeks will give incredible benefits. But any amount is worth it. These methods are ancient and despite all the new age aggressive strategies, they work best. Nothing will have the same effect as doing the above steps at the same time. They work separately, but together the effect is enhanced. It is only when you are socially distanced (ie “real” life) and practice this practice that you can clearly see how dysfunctional society really is and how dysfunctional your own beliefs and perceptions about yourself and society are.

How to practice self love daily

Not everyone has time for intensive cleansing exercises. And they can really only be done every 3 months. So people need less intense ways to build self-love consistently and consistently over time. The first step is to free up your time and energy. Most people have a lot of stress from energy vampires or work and relationships. The best case scenario is to simply get out of the toxic relationship or environment if possible.

Many people are afraid to leave a job they hate and pretend they have to stay there to pay for supplies. But nothing is worth wasting your energy living like a zombie with no purpose or intention. What happens is that you pretend you’re not, which is the exact opposite of authenticity.

How to practice self love exercises:

1. Waking and sleeping are the best times to manage your thoughts and feelings. Keep your thoughts as positive as possible between sleeping and waking up. These modes are stronger and set the tone for the rest of the day or night. 2. A gratitude journal is great for appreciating yourself and your accomplishments. The truth is that human appreciation is arbitrary and irrational. We can work on a goal for 5 years and evaluate it for a week. We need to redefine our gratitude and appreciation so that we can rejoice in everything, not just the big things.

3. Holidays, massages, extreme sports, concerts, whatever you want, put yourself first. You deserve the ultimate treat, that’s why you’re here. Unfortunately, most people think that life should be painful chore and stressful. Don’t do it to yourself.

4. Stop disturbing others at all costs. There’s a virus going on where people try to make the world a better place and like to point out the world’s mistakes. Although times have never been better, this is a huge advantage. If you don’t focus on your own development, you will never develop. You will notice other people similarly interfering in your life.

5. Love meditation or focusing on the heart chakra is an important recommendation in ancient spiritual writings. If you put your energy there for a long time, the heart chakra is the gateway to the higher self/oversoul. Read FREE Heart Charka Book

Feel good at all times

One of the most important and overlooked parts of being able to find the self is being unashamed about feeling good. This entails doing activities that feel good to you as much as possible. There is a tendency to believe that you must suffer much to ‘achieve’ happiness. It is more the case that unhappiness has to be ‘unlearned’ from past conditioning.

There is nothing wrong with feeling good, and nobody is not worthy of self-love, respect, and appreciation. There is actually no reason that you have to study at university for 4 years to start the corporate ladder and move up. This is actually silly because you can get certified from afar and start an online business for a fraction of the cost and time. Yet people still flock to colleges paying tens of thousands of dollars and wait 4 years to find a job to earn an income.

Either way, you don’t have to settle for the limitations that society puts on you. If you want to learn self-love, you have to love and respect yourself. It requires saying no to toxic relationships, setting boundaries, thinking positive thoughts, journaling, exercising, getting massages, going for luxurious hot showers, taking regular vacations, etc. Your only responsibility is to hold yourself accountable and make sure you are as happy as possible.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it useful in learning how to practice self love.

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