how to improve your child's self esteem

How To Improve Your Child’s Self Esteem

Sharing 12 tips on how to improve your child’s self esteem. Everything in life is better when your self-esteem is high. Good things seem even better. Bad things are easier to tolerate and manage. The same is true for your child. A child with high self-esteem will do better in school, be more likely to avoid bad influences, and be happier in general.

As a parent, you have a tremendous influence on your child’s self-esteem. Make good use of that influence!

12 Tips on how to improve your child’s self esteem:

1. Create opportunities for the child to succeed. Give your child a meaningful task that you believe will lead to success. Success breeds confidence and further success. Allow your child to succeed on a regular basis.

2. Create a Wall of Fame. Trophies, prints, favourite artwork, ribbons, badges and other awards can be placed here. Who can’t be proud and confident with a wall of celebrities to see every day?

3. Monitor your child’s friends. Some friends are friendlier than others. Try to direct your child to other kind and supportive children. Find a way to limit time with less supportive children.

4. Give your child some control. It’s easier to gain self-esteem when you feel in control of your life. The easiest way to avoid arguments is to give your child choices, but you make the choices. “Would you like a banana, apple or orange for lunch today?” is a better question than “What would you like to eat?”

5. Love your children unconditionally. It is wrong to make a child feel less loved because of inappropriate behaviour or mistakes. Deal with bad behaviour, but avoid hiding your love.

6. Pay attention to your child. Nothing sends the message “you’re not important” like ignoring your child. Put down your smartphone and listen. Either way, your kids are more fun.

7. Failure to teach is not a big deal. It is not something to be disturbed or avoided at all costs. It’s just part of life. There is always a chance to try again.

8. Give praise and make it believable. Your child will know if the horse he drew really looks like a pig. But you can find many valid reasons to praise your child.

9. Set goals with your child and achieve them together. A goal might be to get a child to tie their shoelaces or get an A in algebra. Teach your child to work every day to achieve their goals. Read this article: How to set goals

10. Be confident. The more secure and comfortable you feel with your children, the more secure they will feel. Your child watches you for clues. If you are clearly uncomfortable in certain situations, your child will be too. Set a good example.

11. Focus on the behaviour, not your child. It is better to lie that it is wrong than to call your child a liar. Avoid labelling your child negatively.

12. Show love regularly. Show your child that you love and appreciate them every day.

It’s never too early to start building your child’s self-esteem. Providing a good foundation can prevent many teenage years. Act when your child is most vulnerable. You can’t control every experience your child has, but you can control it enough to make a huge impact.

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